de geschiedenis van de familie Baller in Nederland

Baller start page


This is the website of the Dutch Baller family. On this website you can find a part of our family tree and all kinds of information about our family history. Our family tree is by far not complete. To gather more information, we need your help. Using this page we try to contact Ballers all over the world. We hope that these relatives have information that can help us to complete the story.  
If your last name is Baller or another last name that is also present in our family tree, you can always contact us. Then we can try to match the information you have to the information we have to see whether and how it matches up. In this way we might be able to make the family tree grow.

On this website you can also find some information about the Coppersmith workshop ‘Julius Baller & zoon’. The company that was founded when the first Baller moved to Holland: Julius Friedrich Wilhelm (1859).