de geschiedenis van de familie Baller in Nederland

Kloveniersburgwal 54 (eng)

The coppery was started by mr. Weissenbuch at Rusland B1 in Amsterdam. At the end of the 19th century the coppery moved to Kloveniersburgwal 54 (just accross the corner).

kloveniersburgwal 001 - kopie

The small canal house was renovated into its current state in 1903. The coppery workshop was situated at the ground floor. At the floors above the coppery, many generations of Ballers lived their lives. The last ones were Evert Baller and his household.


Koveniersburgwal 54 Mobile

bouwtekening 1902

Old  facade tot the right of the tree,

This is an image from a print from 1869

Tekening met oude en nieuwe gevel en indeling

In order to gain more working space, the building arround the corner (Spinhuissteeg 14-16) was connected to the main building at the ground floor level. The upper floors of that building were used for storage and working space. The small alley between Spinhuissteeg 12 and 14 was also added to the building. Materials of a longer size were stored here.